After Barcelona and Verona, is on the banks of Lake Como that gathered to 24 hours a selection of 250 Business leaders officiating at various levels in the chain.

Besides an important networking, the appointment is organized around a decision-estate Experts Discuss officiating for Comercia Global Payments, Euromonitor, GfK, Holition, LinkedIn ou encore Stijlinstituut Amsterdam.

Professionals from s & rsquo; express the central theme of "Future Forward", or prospects & rsquo; s future, addressing the & rsquo; all issues affecting the market, international consumer trends in the perception of hosiery products by consumers, through sourcing issues, sustainable development and d & rsquo; technological innovation.

Mark phare d & rsquo; Invest, Lycra as usual advantage of this gathering to unveil the next generation of its offers. Are thus presented Lycra Fit Finder, new solution to determine its optimal size hosiery, and offers Lycra AquaNRG, Lycra Super Summer Sheer et Ecomade Coolmax.

The appointment became Lycra in three editions l & rsquo; an appointment keys of & rsquo; European universe of & rsquo; underwear and legwear. Two markets which represent respectively 8 and 3 % of some 200 bn & rsquo; d & euro sales rsquo; clothing made 2015 on the Old Continent.

Source: Matthieu Guinebault de fashionmag